Tom Cruise: ENGAGED to Vanessa Kirby?!

Tom Cruise: ENGAGED to Vanessa Kirby?!

At this point in his career, Tom Cruise is better known for his Xenu-centric personal life than for his acting.

He doesn't seem particularly bothered by the bonkers trajectory of his career, however, which is a likely as result of the fact that his thetan count is so off the charts he can melt e-meters with his eyes.

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Nicole Kidman: Tom Cruise Was Not My "Great Love"

Nicole Kidman: Tom Cruise Was Not My "Great Love"

She and Tom Cruise ended their union over a decade ago, but at one point, Nicole Kidman tells Vanity Fair that she felt like the original Brangelina.

Kidman says she has zero regrets about moving away from Hollywood, however, and that she has found her true love with current husband Keith Urban.

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I was feeling pressed in the interview with Matt Lauer. For me, my issue was really about child drugging. It's not like it is today, like people are really kind of openly talking about this.

Tom Cruise [on Matt Lauer interview]

I can't even articulate it, to be honest. That feeling, that connection. Just who she is and what she means to me.

Tom Cruise [on feelings for Katie Holmes]