Tom Brady: Suspension Overturned By Judge!

Tom Brady: Suspension Overturned By Judge!

Sorry, fans of the Steelers, Bills, Jaguars and Cowboys - it looks like your teams will be facing off against one of the greatest QBs in NFL history in the very near future.

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Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen: Divorce on the Way?!

Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen: Divorce on the Way?!

It's been a rough summer for Tom Brady.

Sure, he still looks like he stepped out of the pages of GQ to win four Super Bowls and marry one of the world's most famous models, but Tom Terrific has been on the receiving end of some negative press lately, and not just on Richard Sherman fansites.

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Tom Brady: NFL Upholds Suspension, Accuses QB of Destroying Evidence

Tom Brady Suspension: Upheld by NFL!

Good news for fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars and Dallas Cowboys:

Your teams won't have to worry about facing a title-defending Tom Brady early in the 2015 NFL season. (Although frankly, we doubt that'll save you, Jacksonville.)

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Mark Wahlberg: DeflateGate is Just Like That Time I Committed a Violent Hate Crime

Mark Wahlberg Compares DeflateGate to Violent Hate Crime

As you probably know, the Entourage movie hit theaters this week, and as an executive bro-ducer and bro-spiration for the main character, Mark Wahlberg has been making the press rounds to bro-mote the film.

Of course, there are some major differences between Wahlberg and Adrian Grenier's character, such as the fact that Vincent Chase is from New York, not Boston, and he never violently assaulted a Vietnamese immigrant in a racially-charged hate crime.

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