Tom and Gisele at the Gala

Everyone knows Tom Brady. He's the New England Patriots star quarterback that loves to date and impregnate hot actresses and models. Well, at least one hot actress.

Tom and his ex, Bridget Moynahan, recently welcomed the birth of their son, John. But by the time Bridget gave birth, Tom Brady had already started seeing Gisele Bundchen naked. Talk about a player - on and off the field!

While Tom Brady has become a celebrity gossip mainstay, his football prowess has only increased.

This year, Tom Brady has been filming ads for Calvin Klein and other companies, but has led the Patriots' pursuit of a perfect season. Tom also broke the record for TD passes in a season. They are the first team to ever go 16-0 and were one Super Bowl victory away from the history books.

Unfortunately, they lost to the New York Giants in the greatest upset ever. Then in the first game of the following season, guy hurt his knee and is out for the season.

Bummer. But we refuse to feel sorry for any guy who sees Gisele Bundchen nude on a regular basis. It simply will not happen.

We salute you and your conquests, Tom Brady, and hate you just a little bit for it. Sorry man.