Todd Palin Sighting

Todd Palin is the husband of Sarah Palin, the Republican nominee for Vice President in 2008. He began dating his wife in Wasilla High School in Wasilla, Alaska.

Todd is the four-time and defending winner of snowmobiling's most daunting race, the Iron Dog of Alaska.

Professionally, Todd Palin has worked Alaska's North Slope oil fields as a production engineer. During the summer, he's a fisherman near the family’s hometown of Wasilla.

Todd Palin was arrested for DUI in 1986. Does anyone care? No. But it sure is good stuff for us to report on.

Will Todd, Sarah, Track, Trig, Willow, Piper and pregnant Bristol Palin be moving to D.C. soon? Stay tuned!

Todd Palin Quotes

Todd Palin [on his wife]: I remember the first time she ran for mayor one of her fellow council members told her you can't run because you've got three negatives: Track, Bristol and Willow. Those are the three kids we had at the time. So when you tell her that kind of stuff, she just gets fired up. We're an Alaska family that adapts.

He's been trained for this mission and so we've seen that confidence in that young man. We're, of course, nervous.

Todd Palin [on son leaving for Iraq]