Taylor Swift Twitter Messages Allegedly Leaked: Who's the Singer's Famous Poker Buddy?

Taylor Swift Direct Twitter Messages: Leaked By Hackers?

Earlier today, we reported that hackers were threatening to release nude Taylor Swift photos obtained by breaking into the singer's Twitter and Instagram accounts.

It now looks as though the crisis has been averted, as crack social media security teams immediately got the situation under control, locking Taylor's account and reportedly tracking down the parties responsible.

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Taylor Swift Nude Photos to be Released By Hackers?

Taylor Swift Nude Photos to be Released By Hackers?

Earlier today, Taylor Swift's Twitter account was compromised by hackers claiming to be associated with Lizard Squad - the same group who famously hacked into the networks of major gaming systems over the holiday season.

The hackers immediately began tweeting to Swift's 70 million followers, encouraging them to follow various accounts associated with Lizard Squad.

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Taylor Swift: Child Pornographer Claims Singer Stole His Life Story

Taylor Swift: Child Pornographer Claims Singer Stole His Life Story

In the past, Taylor Swift news items had mostly fallen into the "quirky and cute" category, like when Taylor showed her belly button last week.

Unfortunately, now that Swifty has gone from just wildly successful singer-songwriter to full-blown queen of the modern music industry, more shady figures from her past and lone nut jobs who probably never met her are coming forward claiming they've got the dirt.

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Shake It Off Showdown: Cop, Toddler Lip-Sync to Taylor Swift Single

Cop, 2-Year Old Engage in Shake It Off Showdown

Not even the haters who are gonna hate, hate, hate could hate the following pair of videos.

Proving that frat boys aren't the only unexpected Taylor Swift fans out there, a member of the Dover Police Department in Delaware has been captioned on camera lip-syncing his head off to the singer's first smash single off her new album.

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