Scientologists to Taylor Swift: Join Our Freaky Space Cult!

Scientologists to Taylor Swift: Join Our Freaky Space Cult!

When us regular folk find ourselves overcome by the occasional wave of existential dread, we have various options for tamping down the terror.

Some folks turn to Jesus, others to a fifth of Maker's Mark, and no doubt lots of folks -- residents of Kentucky, mostly -- enjoy a heady cocktail of equal parts divine salvation and blackout-inducing hooch.

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Kylie Jenner Gives Shout-Out to Taylor Swift Following Kim Kardashian Truce

Kylie Jenner Gives Major Shout-Out to Taylor Swift

Earlier this month, Kim Kardashian shocked fans when she posted a Snapchat video in which she could be seen listening to Taylor Swift's song "Delicate."

Obviously, Swift is one of the world's most popular artists, so it 's not terribly surprising that Kim would listen to her music.

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Kim Kardashian: ORDERED to End Feud With Taylor Swift?!

Kim Kardashian: ORDERED to End Feud With Taylor Swift?!

Even those who appear to be the captains of their own ship often have someone calling the shots behind the scenes.

For example, your manager at work probably has to report to an owner or CEO; Donald Trump is frequently forced to publicly kiss Vladimir Putin's ring -- and Kim Kardashian is at the beck and call of some very wealthy and powerful media magnates.

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Taylor Swift Sends New Message About Voting, Prepares to Be Reamed by Republicans

Taylor Swift Has a New Message About Voting to Pass Along

There may now be bad blood between Taylor Swift and many Republicans, but the singer knew there would be trouble as soon as she posted to Instagram last week.

Nevertheless, she came out of the non-political woods and sent a message to young voters who think that a change in the direction of the country can only happen in their wildest dreams.

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