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Sarah Jessica Parker no longer has sex in the city. At least on TV. They did make Sex and the City: The Movie in 2008. Now she has neither, although she does have a happy marriage with Mathhew Broderick. At least she did, until he allegedly cheated on her. We'll see about that - as well as whether a dreadful sequel of her hit movie is released anytime soon. Sarah Jessica Parker also had her "trademark" mole removed recently. Woo.

Sarah Jessica Parker Quotes

We wanted to tell the story of who these women are now and what it is to be a woman in your 40s and still have great love.

Sarah Jessica Parker [on Sex and the City movie]

They’re always, always kind. And I think to see me on the streets of New York, in a place that they might imagine the character would be—it makes people feel good.

Sarah Jessica Parker