Rumer and Lindsay

Rumer Willis. She is the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. She's also the step-daughter of Ashton Kutcher.

Not a bad position to be in. At least money-wise.

This young, hopeful actress has begun to land a few movie roles. She's known more for her name - Rumer Willis was named after the British novelist Rumer Godden, whoever that is - and lineage than for her looks because, let's face it, Rumer Willis looks sort of like a man. Which isn't a huge insult. Most of our staff are men. We're just saying, before the hair extensions, she looked pretty odd.

We love Rumer Willis anyway, but come on.

Anyway, the aspiring actress is making a bit of a name for herself these days, starring in the new movie The House Bunny and appearing on the hit show Army Wives.