Raffaello Follieri Photograph

Raffaello Follieri was the boyfriend of Anne Hathaway until June 2008, when the beautiful actress dumped his shady ass. It was a long time coming.

On April 3, 2008 he was arrested for bouncing a $250,000 check. What a moron. Raffaello Follieri works as a real estate developer, but he must not be very good at his job if he can't cover that much. The man has also been in several lawsuits, and is under investigation by New York State over his charity's seedy business deals.

In short, Raffaello Follieri blows ... and his days of receiving blow jobs from Anne Hathaway while on board his yacht have thus come to an end as she seeks a man who is a less of a douche. Can you blame her?

We can't. Looks like Anne Hathaway dumped Raffaello Follieri just in time. Why?

In June 2008, Follieri was arrested by the FBI (yeah, he's really that sketchy) on charges of conspiracy, wire fraud and more after he allegedly bilked real estate investors by claiming faux ties to the Vatican. Man. No more caviar for you in jail, Raffaello.