Pete Doherty: On Irina Lazareanu, Off Drugs (Yeah, Right)

After an arduous period of on-and-off-again romance and hard-ass drug use, the British "rocker" Pete Doherty says he is now clean, he and Irina Lazareanu are in love, and he and ex Kate Moss are becoming friends again.

"She's a friend, but people are going to say what they want about it," the frontman of Babyshambles, 28, told Us Weekly regarding Moss at the MTV European Music Awards in Munich November 1. "She's really happy now, and so am I."

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Pete Doherty and Irena Lazareanu: Engaged?

Weren't Pete Doherty and Kate Moss going out like a month ago?

Maybe we were as high as these train wrecks at the time, but The Hollywood Gossip staff could've sworn they were a couple again. Now, however?

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Kate Moss Sex Tape Concerns Crop Up

Kate Moss Sex Tape Concerns Crop Up

If a Kate Moss nude photo is worth one thousands words, what do you think the price of a Kate Moss sex tape would be?

If you're ex-boyfriend, and current drug fiend, Pete Doherty, the hope is probably as high as you can count.

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Pete Doherty Manhandles, Wants to Snort Kitten

It turns out Paris Hilton's pussy might be in relatively good shape - and The Gossip doesn't make remarks like this lightly, because that poor thing gets straight up abused.

But compared to the maligned, adorable feline below - held against its will, in the clutches of hard core junkie and Babyshambles "singer" Pete Doherty - everything is hunky dory...

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