Mischa Barton: Dancing With The Stars Season 22

Mischa Barton was born in London, then killed off her hit show The OC at the end of its third season. She hasn't eaten anything before or since! Now, movies are the future for this thin actress... once she gets out of jail that is. She was busted for DUI on December 27, 2007. Mischa Barton, you should be ashamed. One can only wonder what Mischa's ex, Cisco Adler, thinks about this.

Like her good friend Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton apparently thinks driving drunk is cool. And she weighs like 80 pounds.

Since The OC, Barton has starred in... pretty much nothing.

But she's signed on for a TV series called A Beautiful Life. It premieres on The CW in the fall of 2009.

Mischa Barton Quotes

I don’t care if people try to put me down. I just think it’s so sad that that’s what people spend their time doing. It might sound crazy, but I’m a really nice person.

Mischa Barton

That was a low point for me. I never, ever would have thought I would be arrested. I was disappointed because it associated me with a group of girls that I would rather not be associated with.

Mischa Barton [on DUI arrest]