Milana Dravnel, Oscar De La Hoya

Okay, this is not a picture of Milana Dravnel. It's Oscar De La Hoya in fishnets and boxing gloves. But this is relevant because it's the only reason we know who Milana Dravnel - the boxer's alleged mistress - is.

Milana Dravnel supposedly took this and other racy photos of the boxer in drag. So she said.

The Scores stripper was in the process of suing the fighter for $100 million because of "false promises" Oscar De La Hoya made, as well as saying he defamed her, but when it came down to it, well... she may or may not have been making the whole thing up. Nice work, Milana Dravnel!

To make matters worse (for her - funnier for us), she was popped for stealing stuff from Macy's in July '08. Classy babe, what can we say.