Amber Portwood: I Dumped Matt Baier When I Caught Him Talking Trash!

Amber Portwood: Here's Why I Really Dumped Matt Baier ...

It's official: After years of putting up with some of the worst douche-baggery in the storied history of the Teen Mom franchise, Amber Portwood has finally dumped Matt Baier.

Portwood has confirmed the split in a number of Instagram livestreams (which seems to be her preferred method of communicating with fans these days), but there's still some confusion as to what led her to finally kick Baier to the curb.

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Amber Portwood: Did Matt Baier Abuse Her?!

Amber Portwood: Did Matt Baier Abuse Her?!

OK, so Amber Portwood ... let's just be real, the girl's life is a little bit of a mess right now.

Like, there's a solid possibility that at this moment, she's bringing the most sadness and drama out of anyone in the Teen Mom franchise, and that's saying a lot.

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