Madonna Loses It: No Fat C-nts Are Allowed in My Presence!

Madonna: No Fat C-nts Are Allowed in My Presence!

In case you somehow weren't aware, Madonna has a bit of a penchant for unruly, diva-like behavior.

She's been pissing people off for over three decades now, but lately it seems like Madge is trying harder than ever to stir up controversy.

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Madonna ROCKS Pink Locks: Fab or Fail?

Madonna ROCKS Pink Locks: Fab or Fail?

Recently, I decided to bleach my hair and get lavender tips.  What a f**king mess. 

A solid night of tears and three re-do appointments later, I look like a washed out and washed up 32-year-old trying to be a teenager.

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Amandla Stenberg Slams Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry: Stop Stealing Black Culture!

Amanda Stenberg Slams Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry

Cultural appropriation can be a difficult thing to pin down.

Without the African-American community's hundreds of years of contributions, hip hop, rock and pop music wouldn't exist (at least not as we know them now), so in a way, every white artist is guilty of some pretty liberal borrowing.

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Madonna Kisses Drake On Stage; Rapper Reacts in Priceless Fashion

Madonna Kisses Drake On Stage; Rapper Reacts in Priceless Fashion

The stars came out in full force at the Coachella music fest over the weekend, and some of them even took the stage to perform!

Among the entertainers who did their thing for a crowd of stoned teens and bored celebrities were Drake and Madonna...and things got so awkward the entire Internet is cringing in horror this morning.

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Madonna Releases "Ghosttown" Music Video ... With an Empire Style Twist!

Madonna Drops New Music Video

Madonna has finally released the video for "Ghosttown" and it's a good one.

The 56-year-old pop icon just dropped the music video earlier today and it features none other than Lucious Lyon Terrence Howard himself!

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