Leonardo DiCaprio is Dating a Model Named Roxy Horner Because Of Course He Is

Of Course Leo is Dating a Model Named Roxy Horner

In case you've been spent the past few days wandering the Great Plains in search of the bearded ne'er-do-well who left you for dead following a bear attack, let us be the first to inform you that Leonardo DiCaprio won his his first Academy Award on Sunday for playing a puddle of testosterone come to life in The Revenant. 

After dating Kelly Rohrbach throughout most of his Oscar campaign, Leo decided to drop his model of the moment in the weeks leading up to the big night, perhaps so he could do his usual self-consciously endearing thing and bring his mom as his red carpet date.

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Leonardo DiCaprio has become a very successful actor who dates models. He also wants to save the environment and is a well-known liberal. More »
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I thought I'd be a marine biologist, because nature and evolution fascinated me... We're all after love, aren't we? Love is what people are hungry for. That's absolutely why I became an actor.

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