Leah Remini Slams Scientology Super Bowl Ad: This Is Not a Religion!

Leah Remini Slams Scientology Super Bowl Ad: This Is Not a Religion!

Watching the Philadelphia Eagles pull out a nail-biter victory over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots is enough to make anyone consider the possibility that a benevolent higher power is pulling the strings of our universe and hates Bill Belichick just as much as the rest of us.

And the fine folks at the Church of Scientology would like you to consider the possibility that that godlike being is a spaceman who wants to help you rid yourself of all the pesky alien parasites that have been infecting your body since birth.

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Leah Remini: Scientologists Are Falsely Accusing Paul Haggis of Rape

Leah Remini: Paul Haggis Has Been Falsely Accused of Rape

If you've picked up a newspaper or been anywhere social media in the past three months, then you're no doubt aware that the film industry has been shaken to its foundations by allegations of sexual assault against some of the most influential men in Hollywood.

While most of the accusations have centered around alleged attackers such as Harvey Weinstein abusing the power they attained through their wealth and fame, some have singled out problematic organizations such as the Church of Scientology, which for decades, has been haunted by reports of human trafficking and coerced sex acts.

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Leah Remini: Tom Cruise is "Diabolical," Truly Evil

Leah Remini: Tom Cruise is "Diabolical," Truly Evil

Leah Remini rose to fame as a no-nonsense, straight talking character on the terrible CBS sitcom King of Queens.

And, based on her latest comments about Tom Cruise, it doesn't sound as though this woman was a stretch for Remini to portray.

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Danny Masterson: That 70s Show Star Accused of Rape

Danny Masterson: That 70s Show Star Accused of Rape

Actor Danny Masterson is best known for his role as Hyde on the early 2000s sitcom That '70s Show.

In the years since the show ended its eight season run on Fox, however, Masterson's career has faltered, and these days, he's known in Hollywood circles primarily for his fanatical devotion to the Church of Scientology.

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Leah Remini Opens Up About Scientology: I Gave Those Morons $3 MILLION!!

Leah Remini: I Gave $3 MILLION to Scientology!

Scientology has dominated some of Hollywood’s most elite players.  Though the “church” has been the subject of much speculation and criticism, it still draws in the attention (and money) of celebrities.

But not all celebrities are fans of Scientology.

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