Lamar Odom: I Saw Khloe Kardashian Beat the Ever-Loving F--k Out of a Stripper!

Lamar Odom: I Saw Khloe Kardashian Beat Up a Stripper!

Lamar Odom's hotly anticipated memoir From Darkness to Light hasn't even been released yet, and already, the former NBA star is shocking the internet with one bombshell revelation after another.

And not surprisingly, many of those big reveals have to do with his disastrous marriage to Khloe Kardashian.

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Lamar Odom Regrets Being Super Horny, Coked Up Wildman During Marriage to Khloe

Lamar Odom: I Was Way Too Horny and High During My Marriage!

Due to his unrelenting substance abuse addiction, Lamar Odom never fulfilled his potential as a basketball player.

The former first round pick won a couple NBA titles, but his career fell short of expectations from those who predicted the versatile power forward could be a Hall of Fame candidate.

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Lamar Odom Biography

After bouncing around the NBA for years, Lamar Odom became a valuable member of the Los Angeles Lakers. He's won multiple world titles as... More »
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