Kelly Clarkson: Totally Cool If My Daughter is Gay!

Kelly Clarkson: Totally Cool If My Daughter is Gay!

The week her new album hits stores and computers around the country, Kelly Clarkson has gone on record with comments some might find controversial.

Speaking to Pride Source about her impact on the LGBT community, the original American Idol said she doesn’t even comprehend why there's any kind of debate or divide around the country.

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Katie Hopkins Calls Kelly Clarkson "Fat," Sucks as a Human Being

Who Just Called Kelly Clarkson Fat?!?

Earlier this week, in promotion of her upcoming album, Kelly Clarkson performed across the pond on The Graham Norton Show.

She belted out a new track from "Piece By Piece," which hits stores on March 3 and which has fans of music around the world crazy excited.

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