Katy Perry, Blonde Hair Photo

Katy Perry kissed a girl and she liked it, ladies and gentlemen. Or at least she wrote a song with those lyrics.

The Californa singer-songwriter has risen to prominence with her single "I Kissed a Girl," a worldwide hit topping the charts in more than 20 countries and making a lot of tops come off in the process. Or so we think, if you're into that sort of thing.

She's a pretty cute girl, and it turned out she was just getting started.

Her second album, Teenage Dream, featured five straight #1 hits, making her the first female artist EVER to achieve such a feat. Songs such as the title track, "California Gurls" and "Last Friday Night" became staples of radio airwaves throughout 2011.

She is one of the most popular stars on Twitter with 12 million followers and counting, and frequently wears outrageous, elaborate getups showcasing her enormous breasts and pink hair. She's a pop star, ladies and gentlemen. Image matters.

Katy Perry is married to Russell Brand in real life.