Kate Middleton: In Labor!

Kate Middleton: In Labor!

Kate Middleton is in labor! At long last, the process has begun!

The British royal family will expand by one member today (or perhaps early tomorrow if this turns into a Jill Duggar-esque marathon).

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Kate Middleton: Details of Luxury Hospital Room Revealed!

Kate Middleton: Details of Luxury Hospital Room Revealed!

Though we may not know Kate Middleton's exact due date, we do know that sometime in the next week, the Duchess will bring a new prince or princess into the world, and of course...she'll do it in style!

Kate has reserved the Lindo Wing Suite at Paddington in St. Mary's hospital. It's the same room where she gave birth to Prince George, and as you might expect, this is not your typical peasant's delivery room.

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Prince William Begins Paternity Leave As He and Kate Middleton Prepare to Welcome Baby #2!

Prince William Begins Paternity Leave!

As Kate Middleton's due date approaches, citizens of the UK, royal watchers abroad, and the hungry pack of dogs that is the British tabloid press are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of the "spare" to Prince George's heir.

Kate's been cagey about her exact due date, but we know the little prince or princess is set to arrive before the end of April, and today, Prince William began his six-weeks of paternity leave from his job as an air-ambulance pilot, which has led many to believe that the new addition will be arriving sooner rather than later.

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Kate Middleton: Still Pregnant, Laying Low as Due Date Approaches

Kate Middleton: Still Pregnant, Laying Low as Due Date Approaches

It's currently 4/20, which is notable for other obvious reasons, but also because Kate Middleton is still pregnant with her due date approaching, or maybe passing.

No one knows exactly when the Duchess is expecting her second child, as she's keeping that closely under wraps (along with any gender or name details).

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Kate Middleton: I Forget I'm Pregnant Sometimes!

Kate Middleton: I Forget I'm Pregnant Sometimes!

The radiant Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, says she forgets she's even pregnant sometimes. Yes, apparently it feels as easy as she makes it look.

At least once she gets past the brutal first trimester. Kate's been ransacked by morning sickness hardcore with both kids, so she earned a reprieve!

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Kate Middleton: Becoming More "Royal," Hiring a Larger Staff, Source Claims

Kate Middleton: Becoming More "Royal?" Hiring a Larger Staff?

While Lorde and the rest of us have come to terms with the fact that we'll never be royals, Kate Middleton made the transition from commoner to duchess look downright easy.

Of course, those who watch Kate closely know that she's occasionally struggled a bit along the way, and who could blame her? Going from single gal to wife and mum is hard enough without becoming royalty at the same time!

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Kate Middleton Answers Baby Number Two Questions: Is It a Boy or a Girl?

Kate Middleton Opens Up About Baby #2!

Kate Middleton is now six months pregnant, and the Duchess of Cambridge says she still doesn't know if the world will soon have a  new prince or princess. 

Kate met with disabled teens this morning during a visit to a public recreation center in Kensington, and she happily answered questions about the forthcoming new addition to the royal family.

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