Meghan Markle: Struggling Under Pressures of Royal Fame?!

Meghan Markle: Struggling Under Pressures of Royal Fame?!

Unlike most people who marry into the British Royal Family, Meghan Markle was famous long before she said "I do."

But basic cable legal drama fame isn't quite the same as marrying one of the most sought-after the men on the planet and becoming a freakin' duchess overnight.

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Rose Hanbury: Trolling Kate Middleton By Showing Up at Trump Banquet?

Rose Hanbury: Did She Troll Kate Middleton at the Trump Banquet?

Donald Trump was in the UK this week, and based on the photos from his various social engagements it looks his efforts to reinforce tired old stereotypes about ugly Americans stopped just short of showing up to royal banquets with Big Mac secret sauce on his tie.

Granted, the Brits aren't exactly known for their effusive displays of affection but the Donald received a chilly reception even by royal family standards.

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Kate Middleton Biography

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