Kate Gosselin Freaks Out on Her Children SO MUCH in New Kate Plus 8 Trailer

Kate Gosselin Freaks Out on Her Kids SO Hard in New Trailer

Kate Gosselin just can't seem to grasp the concept of "inside voice" ... whether she's inside or out. 

In a brand-new trailer for Kate Plus 8, Gosselin flips out - several times - on her eight children, and most of them are pretty cringe-worthy moments. 

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Jeff Prescott, Kate Gosselin Boyfriend, ALSO Accused of Neglecting Kids!

Kate Gosselin, Boyfriend BOTH Accused of Kids' Neglect!

Kate Gosselin and her new boyfriend Jeff Prescott certainly have something in common. That's usually a good sign in any relationship.

In this case, however? That common bond comes in the form of the millionaire entrepreneur's own history of poor parenting allegations.

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Kate Gosselin is a reality TV star with eight children and a famous, annoying ex-husband. She and Jon Gosselin were at the center of Jon... More »
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