Donald Trump Meets With Kanye West; Americans Brace For Douchepocalypse

Donald Trump Meets With Kanye West at Trump Tower

Despite the 30-year age difference between them and the fact that they're of different ethnic backgrounds (One is African-American, the other is the result of a Flamin' Hot Cheeto and an angry Pomeranian being left in one of those transporter machines from The Fly.), it often seems that Donald Trump and Kanye West were separated at birth.

They're both high-profile ego-maniacs who require constant attention and are prone to questionable hairstyle decisions.

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Kanye West: Secretly Supporting Donald Trump Behind Kim's Back?!

Kanye West: Secretly Supporting Donald Trump?

Moments ago, Dr. Ben Carson endorsed Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

Gentle Ben's seal of approval might secure Trump some votes as primary season enters a critical stage, and now it seems the Donald might be enjoying some low-key support from an equally divisive, but much, much, much less soft-spoken figure:

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Kanye West: Ben Carson Won't Talk to Me & Sweatshirts Are the Future

Kanye West: Ben Carson Won't Talk to Me!

He may have all the stage presence of a can of Spam and the same bigoted views on Muslims as your drunk uncle, but it seems Ben Carson has been making some undeniably smart decisions during his presidential campaign.

For example, he refuses to have anything to do with Kanye West. We know this because Kanye West said so.

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