Kim Kardashian Shares Racy Instagram Photo, Implies She Wants to Bang Kanye

Kim Kardashian Instagram Photo: NSFW Emoji Alert!!!

Based on a new Instagram photo and caption, we get the very strong feeling that Kim Kardashian wants to have sex with Kanye West.

The reality star shared a grainy picture on her social media account yesterday, biting the cheek of a very serious-looking Kanye in the image.

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Justin Bieber Loves Beck, Throws Shade at Kanye?

Justin Bieber Loves Beck, Throws Shade at Kanye?

Despite the fact that the man has recorded 12 award-winning albums during his 20-plus years in the music industry, for many young people the name Beck will forever be associated with Kanye West's rant at the 2015 Grammy Awards.

While many artists have pointed out that Kanye acted like a douche by publicly disparaging one of the most-respected singer-songwriters of our time, Yeezy maintained that he actually helped by Beck by raising his public profile.

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Madonna on Kanye West: He's Like a Black Me!

Madonna on Kanye West: He's Like a Black Me!

Madonna has given Kanye West the highest compliment she can muster about another human being.

While promoting her new album, "Rebel Heart," the Material Girl told The New York Daily News over the weekend that Mr. Kim Kardashian reminds her of someone with serious talent and influence.

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