Martin Shkreli: Robbed of $15 Million While Attempting to Purchase Kanye West Album

Martin Shkreli: Scammed Out of $15 Million!

When most people want to buy an album, they open up iTunes and shell out the necessary $9.99.

When Martin Shkreli wants to buy an album, he wants fork over more cash than most people make their entire lives so that no one else can ever listen to it.

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Kanye West: NEEDS Spiritual & Mental Counseling, Says Former Co-Writer

Kanye West: NEEDS Mental Counseling, Says Former Co-Writer

Citizens the world over have thought Kanye West was a little off his rocker from time to time (okay, most of the time), what with his constant egotistical claims that he's the biggest rock star on the planet and his downright insane Twitter rants.

But a former friend and colleague is now suggesting that Kanye's issue could be more than just extreme arrogance.

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Ruby Rose Goes OFF on Kanye West: How Dare You Attack Taylor!

Ruby Rose Goes OFF on Kanye West!

As you may have heard, Kanye West debuted his new album, The Life of Pablo, at Madison Square Garden last night, and - as is pretty much always the case when Kanye's involved - the evening was not without its share of controversy.

Most of the morning-after negative press has centered around lyrics in which Kanye West calls Taylor Swift a "b-tch." Reps for Swift have expressed their distaste for the song's "misogynistic message," but Taylor herself has thus far kept it classy, as always. Fortunately, she has friends who are willing to go attack dog for her.

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Yo, Taylor. I'm really happy for you. I'mma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time.

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