Jon Gosselin on Air

Jon Gosselin is the father of a lot of children. He's got his big break as one half of the couple in the title of the show Jon and Kate Plus Eight.

He goes through a lot on that series, considering how selfish and bitchy his wife can be. Oh, and he also has eight kids.

In the spring of 2009, rumors spread rapidly that Jon cheated on Kate with a random coed. Us Weekly even had photos of the alleged other woman. Bad move, Jon.

We can't blame you for cheating on Kate, but we can blame you for the line of skanks you've gotten with since. Hailey Glassman is allegedly Jon's actual girlfriend, but he's also been linked with Kate Major and a few random women from Las Vegas.

Heck, there were rumors that said he hooked up with his kids' babysitter. The douchebag was finally given the boot from the TLV series in Septemnber 2009, as it's been renamed Kate Plus 8.