Jonas Approved!

Joe Jonas is one of the members of The Jonas Brothers. This sexy New Jersey product expanded his career resume from that of mere boy band rocking when he appeared, alongside his brothers, in the Disney movie Camp Rock.

In his spare time, Joe enjoys jogging and working out, keeping that hot bod ripped. He's been linked romantically to country singer Taylor Swift. Moreover, Joe's favorite color is blue, and some of his favorite foods are chicken cutlet sandwiches with mayo, and chocolate marshmallow ice cream.

He's an Evangelical Christian and wears a purity ring symbolizing his virginity. Awesome. Write in and let us know if Joe is your favorite member of The Jonas Brothers. He sure is ours!

Joe Jonas Quotes

It's funny when you find out there are other celebrities with crushes on you, like when I read that Lauren Conrad from The Hills liked me.

Joe Jonas

Your dad is your party animal - that's going to sum it up pretty quick. There's an equation for some sort of explosion.

Joe Jonas