Cathriona White: Studying Scientology Prior to Suicide?!

Cathriona White: Studying Scientology Prior to Suicide?!

The questions and mysteries surrounding Cathriona White's untimely death continue with perhaps the most headline-making report yet:

Jim Carrey's girlfriend was reportedly studying and practicing Scientology, the controversial religion, before her suicide earlier this week.

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Cathriona White Death: Jim Carrey Questioned By Police as Bizarre Conspiracy Theory Emerges

Cathriona White Death: Anti-Vaxxers Launch Conspiracy Theory

Yesterday, we reported that Cathriona White committed suicide. The 30-year-old makeup artist, who appears to have overdosed on prescription pills was known to the public as the on-again, off-again girlfriend of actor Jim Carrey.

Though the couple reportedly broke up for a second time just days before White's death Carrey issued a statement about Cathriona that makes it clear he had the utmost affection and respect for his ex:

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