Jim Bob Duggar: Does He Really Hate Ben Seewald?

Jim Bob Duggar: Does He Really Hate Ben Seewald?

Given the ultra-strict, ultra-conservative nature of their upbringing, it's no surprise that several of Jim Bob Duggars' children have chosen to forge their own paths in adulthood.

The most famously rebellious Duggar is Jinger, who chose to marry a man her father wasn't crazy about, move out of state, and flout the infamous Duggar dress code by wearing pants.

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Duggars Dragged For Being "Nuts" About Religion in Honduras

Duggars Arrive in Honduras, Get Dragged for Being "Nuts"

Earlier this week, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar touched down in Central America, eager to spread the word of Jesus around town.

But while that may remain their goal, many users of the Internet have responded to Instagram photos of the couple in Honduras with a few words of their own.

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Duggars Offer Back-to-School Advice (Despite the Fact They've Never Sent Their Kids to School)

Duggars Offer Back-to-School Advice No One Asked For

The days are getting shorter, the never-used golf clubs and camping equipment are gathering dust, and the nagging sense that you're wasting the best years of your life withering away under the harsh glare of fluorescent lights in a cubicle that seems to get smaller by the day is growing more profound.

This can only mean one thing -- autumn is upon us.

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Duggar Kids Demand Time Off: We're Sick of Living In Front of a Camera!

Duggar Kids Demand Time Off: We're Sick of Being on TV!

Often when the fine denizens of the internet are spewing invective against reality stars in some sort of online forum the phrase "get a real job" is bandied about.

Far be it for us to defend the Kardashians and Snookis of the world -- people who could buy and sell us despite never having set foot in an office in their adult lives -- but life as a reality star can actually be quite demanding.

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Duggar Kids: Getting Married to Escape Jim Bob?

Duggar Kids: Getting Married to Escape Jim Bob?

With few exceptions, Duggar children usually marry young and start having children almost immediately after getting hitched.

The main reason for this is that Jim Bob and Michelle's offspring are taught from a young age that they were put on this planet to do two things, and the things only -- worship and make babies.

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Duggar Brainwashing Scandal: Are Rebellious Kids Being "Reprogrammed"?!

Are Rebellious Duggar Kids Being Brainwashed?

One rarely sees a critique of the Duggar family that doesn't include the word "cult."

And it's easy to see why all but the family's most diehard fans are able to recognize that their particular brand of fundamentalist Southern Baptism bears many of the hallmark distinctions of a dangerous band of zealots.

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