The Bachelor: Jillian

Jillian Harris finished third on The Bachelor. She was beaten out by beauties Melissa Rycroft and Molly Malaney... though many might consider Jillian the actual winner, considering the fact she avoided heartbreak at the hands of this shady single dad from Seattle.

Moreover, the Canadian - who works as an interior designer - has truly gotten the last laugh: premiering in May of 2009, she'll star as The Bachelorette.

Will Harris find true love on that series? She did! Jillian chose Ed Swiderski and they are totally engaged! A 2010 wedding is planned. Congrats kids!

Jillian Harris Quotes

I don't wanna be really famous and I don't really wanna be an actress. I pay my own bills and I guess what I'm trying to say is part of me wants to stop while I'm ahead. I think I did a great job representing myself on [The Bachelor].

Jillian Harris

I've been a huge fan of the show since Day 1 and I've always looked at The Bachelorette as 'Oh my god, they're so lucky, how did they get there?' and now I'm sitting here - it's very surreal.

Jillian Harris