Jesse Csincsak and Deanna Pappas Picture

Jesse Csincsak is a professional snowboarder and the winner of DeAnna Pappas' heart on the fourth season of The Bachelorette. We have no idea how this guy got DeAnna Pappas, but hey, it was her call and we were eventually very happy for her. They set a wedding date May 9, 2009, and despite the heartbreak of Jason Mesnick, Jesse Csincsak seemed like a good dude as well.

More or less.

Since they got engaged on TV, DeAnna and Jesse have not exactly shied away from photo ops, but at the same time, who does? And they looked really happy, so it was all good ...

That is, until DeAnna Pappas shattered his universe and ours when she told Jesse Csincsak this:

"I love you, but I'm not in love with you."

That's right, she actually used the love, but not in love line. Weak sauce, D. Enjoy your stupid wedding show.

We can only hope Jesse Csincsak picks up the pieces and finds the right girl for him. On reality TV, ideally.

He seems to be off to a good start. As of January 2009, he has been dating Holly Durst, who ardent fans of The Bachelor might remember from the season that starred Matt Grant, who ended up choosing that skank Shayne Lamas.

Your loss, Matt. Way to go, Jesse and Holly!

Jesse Csincsak Quotes

I'm so confident, I know she's the one.

Jesse Csincsak [on Deanna Pappas]

"Man, this Tacori diamond ring is so beautiful. It symbolizes forever... hopefully, for DeAnna and I." - on picking out an engagement ring for DeAnna Pappas and earning a spot in the product placement Hall of Fame

Jesse Csincsak