Jeremy Calvert RUINS Brooke Wehr, Talks Leah Messer in Epic, Drunken Instagram Live Rant

Jeremy Calvert RUINS Brooke Wehr in Epic, Drunken Live Tirade

Those who recall Jeremy Calvert's first appearance on Teen Mom 2 know it was only a few years ago, but it feels like a lifetime by now.

He was a hard-working man, ready and willing to be with Leah Messer even though she had two young daughters from her first marriage.

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Jeremy Calvert: F--k MTV and Their S--t Editing! I'm Gonna Quit Teen Mom 2!

Jeremy Calvert: F--k MTV and Their S--t Editing!

Once again, it looks like Leah Messer's ex Jeremy Calvert is threatening to quit Teen Mom 2 - or at least wants us to believe it's possible.

The dad of one took to Twitter to once again lament how he's been portrayed in light of a clip from the most recent episode (see video above).

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