Jennifer Aniston Cutting Ties With Justin Theroux ... Because of Selena Gomez?!

Jennifer Aniston: Pissed at Her Ex ... Because of Selena Gomez?!

It's been four months since Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux ended their marriage, but they're a modern couple with a lot of mutual friends, so they'll probably stay on amicable turns, a la Chris and Gwyneth or Ross and Rachel, right?

Wrong! It turns out this situation is closer to when Rachel left that dentist at the altar or ... every other non-Hollywood divorce you've ever heard about.

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Chelsea Handler BASHES Jennifer Aniston: Stop Driving Your Husbands Away!

Chelsea Handler BASHES Jennifer Aniston!

Not all that long ago Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler were the best of friends.

The relationship was irreparably damaged, however, when Aniston learned that Handler was sharing secrets about her personal life, and the former besties reportedly haven't spoken since.

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Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston: Totally Getting Back Together! (Says Brad's Mom)

Brad & Jen: Totally Getting Back Together! (Says Brad's Mom)

It's always annoying when your parents try to fix you up with romantic partners, but it must be especially irksome when you're Brad Pitt, and the whole world is your Tinder.

Dude could probably literally walk up to a total stranger and say "swipe right," and she would immediately signal for the check.

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