Jenelle Evans Gets Fat-Shamed For Bikini Photos: When Are You Due?!

Jenelle Evans Bikini Photos Attract Body-Shaming Trolls!

Over the weekend, Jenelle Evans and her family celebrated Mother's Day at a beach near her home in North Carolina.

Despite the long history of violence and abuse within the Evans-Eason clan, it seemed that both parents were able to set aside their seething rage long enough for everyone to enjoy the day.

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David Eason Posts Racist Rant Against Michelle Obama; Jenelle Evans Defends Knuckle-Dragger Spouse

David Eason Posts Racist Rant Against Michelle Obama

When Jenelle Evans separated from David Eason we briefly enjoyed a glimmer of hoped that he bigoted 31-year-old would soon disappear from public life entirely.

After all, David achieved infamy only by riding Jenelle's coattails, so it made sense that he would eventually lurch back into obscurity once she took the kids and fled to safety.

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