David Eason: I HAD to Bust a Cap in That Bish Nugget!! It Was That or Train Her!

Dave Eason: I Had No Choice But to Shoot Nugget Dead!

Remember when the Jerry Springer Show first debuted, and it was only sort of trashy, but it quickly deteriorated into inbred circus freaks beating each other with chairs for 60 minutes straight?

That's pretty much what's happened with Jenelle Evans and David Eason in the year since she got fired from Teen Mom 2.

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Jenelle Evans Joins QAnon Movement: All My Enemies Are Pedophiles, Dude!

Jenelle Evans Joins QAnon: All My Enemies Are Pedophiles, Dude!

We don't have time to go into all the absolutely insane things that QAnon adherents believe, but suffice it to say, it's a social media "movement" that preys on the under-educated, the ill-informed, and the chronically unemployed who are bored enough to get sucked into its insanity.

Q believers think that they're fighting alongside Donald Trump against a shadowy cabal of satanic pedophiles who have been secretly running the world for centuries.

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Jenelle Evans Harassed By Trolls: You're the World's Worst Mom! Kill Yourself!

Jenelle Evans Gets Harassed By Online Troll: Kill Yourself!

Before we delve into the latest controversy surrounding Jenelle Evans, it's important for us to clarify a few crucial points:

Things may have been different back when she could afford to buy friends, but these days, we're pretty sure no one other than Jenelle Evans would say that Jenelle Evans is a good mom.

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David Eason Accuses MTV of Racism as Jenelle Evans Denies Selling Moldy Makeup to Fans

Jenelle Evans Denies Selling Moldy Makeup to Fans

Folks, it looks like it's been a busy couple of days on the Swamp!

Jenelle Evans and David Eason have both been in damage control mode this week, and it looks more and more like those long quarantined days at home are starting to take a psychological toll.

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