Jason Wahler Mug Shot

Jason Wahler, a Laguna Beach and Hills veteran, is a meathead to the extreme. With four separate arrests in as many states, he's set the celebrity crime bar pretty damn high.

Just the same, Jason Wahler macked on Lauren Conrad and even dated The Hills star - twice! Eventually, she came to her senses and dumped him, twice. Better late than never.

After a stint in rehab and many court dates, J-Wahl claims he's gotten his life together and has gotten engaged to a USC tennis player named Katja Decker-Sadowski. She's a cutie!

We look forward to watching Jason Wahler's career - and we use the term "career" very, very loosely, believe us - with great interest at The Hollywood Gossip. You never know when this derelict of society will turn up next.

Jason Wahler Quotes

I think there's going to be some serious beat-downs. I so want to right now.

Jason Wahler [on Spencer Pratt]

I do not have a sex tape of Lauren Conrad and one does not exist. Spencer Pratt is lying again to get attention.

Jason Wahler