This is Jason Trawick. He is rumored to be managing Britney Spears' career as of May 2008, and was also rumored to be the latest in a long line of Britney Spears' post-K-Fed boyfriends.

Are Britney Spears and Jason Trawick dating? Were they ever? Or is he just managing her career comeback? He was credited with getting her that role on How I Met Your Mother, as well as reuniting her with estranged parents Jamie and Lynn (yes, those losers named a daughter Jamie Lynn), and manager Larry Rudolph.

The May 2008 buzz died down pretty fast, but in March 2009, they have been linked together yet again! Is Britney really dating Jason Trawick?

We don't know for sure. But we can tell you this simple fact, regardless:

You be good to her, Jason Trawick, or we will end you. Got it?