Photo Finish: When Crazy, Washed-Up Models Meet!

Photo Finish: When Crazy, Washed-Up Models Meet!

They're both old, may have been hot back in the day at some point (we can't say for sure, one way or the other) and are quite possibly insane. What's more, they are both washed-up hacks who can't seem to stay out of the limelight, even when they're not actually doing anything. One of them can't keep her mouth shut. The other can't even keep the lights on!

Yeah. They're real normal. T.H. Gossip is proud present to you, this totally terrifying train-wreck twosome: Anna Nicole Smith and Janice Dickinson.

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Janice Dickinson for PETA
Janice Dickinson is an old, annoying, insane model. She thinks she's a lot hotter than she is. More »
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