Holly Sampson, also known as Nicolette Foster, Andrea Michaels or Zoe is a porn star and model who is alleged to have had an affair with Tiger Woods.

Who hasn't, though?

She is noted for playing the title role in the Emmanuelle 2000 series of films, whatever those are.

You tell us, porn fans!

Holly began her "career" by doing several hard core adult films in 1998 under the single-name aliases Nicolette and Zoe, but quickly left this side of the industry to perform in soft core instead.

Her credits from this period (2000-2003) included erotic TV shows such as Lady Chatterley's Stories, The Voyeur, Thrills, Best Sex Ever and Bedtime Stories.

She also performed in a number of feature-length soft core movies (under the name Holly Sampson). Way to go, Tiger Woods. Quite the catch here.

Holly Sampson sounds like a classy girl.