Holly Madison Photograph

Holly Madison is a Playboy model and the ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner.

As for Madison, she is best known for getting naked a lot and starring of the reality show, The Girls Next Door. Despite her Playboy Bunny status, Holly actually seems more intelligent than most busty blondes, and would be even hotter if she didn't slather on 12 pounds of makeup every day.

She has career aspirations of being a magazine photo editor and has 36D breasts. Things are huge.

Holly Madison also hates wearing fur. Seriously. She's one of those PETA freaks. Good for her.

In the summer of 2008, Madison began dating Criss Angel. The relationship lasted four months, which was three months longer than we thought it would last.

Holly then showed up on the eighth season of Dancing with the Stars. She was a last-minute injury replacement for Jewel and didn't do very well.

Her new series, Holly's World, debuted in late 2009.

Holly Madison Quotes

We are no closer to getting married than we were years ago. It's like a car stalled at the side of the road.

Holly Madison [on Hugh Hefner]

I have no pull anymore. Hef and I aren't together.

Holly Madison