Hillary Clinton: Activists Urge Candidate to Challenge Election Results in Three Swing States

Hillary Clinton Urged to Challenge Election Results

On Wednesday, November 9, shortly after 11:50 am, Hillary Clinton uttered the words that tens of millions of Americans never thought they would hear:

"Donald Trump is going to be our president," Clinton told a crowd of supporters who had gathered in New York, many certain they would be celebrating an historic victory.

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Donald Trump: Electoral College Voters to Block President-Elect From White House?

Donald Trump: Electoral College Voters to Block President-Elect?

In the two weeks since Donald Trump was elected president, the reality television star-turned political neophyte has done little to assure the millions who are concerned about his temperamental instability or his impractical and incendiary campaign promises that he is in fact prepared to assume the highest office in American politics.

In fact, the only time Trump made the slightest effort to convince those who didn't vote for him that he still has their best interests at heart was during an interview with 60 Minutes, in which he half-heartedly called for his more extremist followers to stop engaging in race-based intimidation.

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