Heidi Klum Red Carpet Pose

Heidi Klum is a super, super model. She hosts Project Runway and is part of the most healthy, normal relationship in Hollywood with Seal. Even though Seal can be a bit of a dick sometimes, at least to the press, we are always happy that he and Heidi are so down to earth and normal. Heidi comes across as nice, honest and, of course, as beautiful as it gets.

Yup, we pretty much hater hee guts. Just kidding. We love you, Heidi Klum. You could throw in a few more swimsuit covers if you get a chance, though. Just saying.

Heidi Klum Quotes

Heidi Klum [on her marriage proposal]: [Seal] took me by helicopter. He had an igloo built there, and they’d brought up everything: a bed with sheets inside the igloo, rose petals everywhere, candles. Very, very romantic! There was food and champagne, and then the helicopter left. It was a little scary, too, because you’re so cut off from the world. No trees, nothing - it was hard-core. But I was ecstatic. I loved it. It was wonderful.

I have a normal life and I have this glamorous life, but to me it's two different things. It's not like I'm this glamour diva who hands everything over and I just sit on my throne at home.

Heidi Klum