Hailey Glassman Photo

Hailey Glassman became Jon Gosselin's new plaything after he divorced wife Kate in mid-2009.

Prior to Hailey Glassman, Jon was doing Deanna Hummel. Step up? Lateral move? Still unclear.

Either way, he was married to Kate Gosselin at the time. He still is, come to think of it ... d-bag.

Hailey is the daughter of the plastic surgeon who performed Kate's post-pregnancy tummy-tuck.

The irony. Supposedly, Jon did not start boning Hailey Glassman until he separated from Kate.

Then again, would he say otherwise if he had? Well, knowing Jon, that's actually a good question.

Either way, you can see the chemistry between these hotties. He called Hailey his soul mate. Hot.

Hailey has been revealed to be a huge ditz, a pothead, a drunken maniac, and a troubled individual.

But hey, she's not grating like Kate, right? No wonder he likes her. Sadly, there was trouble ahead.

Jon and Hailey Glassman broke up in November 2009, saying they're taking a break.

Our prediction? They'll be back together before you know it. You can't stifle this kind of passion!