Elin N. Pic

Elin Nordegren was the wife of Tiger Woods. Correction: Elin Nordegren was the gorgeous wife of Tiger Woods.

She recently won a lawsuit after a magazine published fake, naked photos of her. Idiots. Those people had to see this coming... no one beats Tiger Woods. Nobody. We're glad Elin Nordegren nude pics weren't out there on the open market for real, too. Some things should remain sacred, untouched.

In 2007, Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren welcomed their first child, daughter Sam Alexis Woods. Man is that a cute celebrity baby or what? They later had a son named Charlie Axel Woods. They were pretty much the world's most perfect family.

That is, until the night of Thanksgiving 2009. That's when Elin Nordegren learned that Tiger was parading around with massive amounts of porn actresses, cocktail waitresses and local skank whores.

They divorced in August 2010. Team Elin!