Donald Trump Retweets Clip of Him Hitting Hillary Clinton With Golf Ball

Donald Trump Somehow Hits a New Low on Twitter

Hey, remember the 2016 election? Sure you do.

Even if you were somehow able to forget that you've lived every day since November 8 in some sort of Orwellian hellscape where up is down, black is white, and hamburgers eat people, the principal players still bear the psychic scars of their electoral combat, and they will not let you forget it for a single second.

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Steve Bannon Selfie Reveals Hidden White House Agenda

Steve Bannon Selfie Reveals Hidden White House Agenda

As you've probably heard, the Trump White House isn't exactly killing it in terms of organizational prowess.

Of course, we guess that's what happens when you hand power over to a guy who moans about dismantling the administrative state when he reaches sexual climax.

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