Dumbass Dina

Dina Lohan is Lindsay's crazy mom. She may be the worst of all celebrity moms. Sorry, Lynne Spears and Kate Gosselin.

But Dina pimped out her younger daughter, Ali, on a reality show and pretends as though she just wants her kids to follow their dreams. Of course, she also wants the money and the fame that comes along with that.

Dina absolutely sucks. She's the reason why Lindsay turned to drugs and why Hollywood can be such a dangerous place for children. Instead of constantly saying how much of a "genius" Lindsay is, perhaps Lohan should focus on her child's issues and act like a parent.

Just an idea.

Dina Lohan Quotes

I've learned to just deal with it. It's so silly. We actually laugh about it now… It really does hurt…. but you develop a thick skin. You have to ignore it.

Dina Lohan [on rumors surrounding her family]

If she's happy, I'm happy. That's all I'll say. Samantha's great. I've known her and her family for ten years.

Dina Lohan [on Lindsay dating Samantha Ronson]