Tori Spelling: All I Want for Christmas is My Husband!

Tori Spelling: All I Want for Christmas is My Husband!

Tori Spelling -- who's pregnant! -- is apparently kinda over the fact that her husband, Dean McDermott cheated a few years back.

Spelling shared an absolutely adorable holiday card featuring her entire family ... as well as the latest bun in the oven ... and for the first time, everybody involved looks really, really happy.

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Dean McDermott: Tori Spelling is a GREAT Mom For Having Another Baby With My Cheating Ass!

Dean McDermott: I'm STOKED Tori's Carrying My Cheatus!

Dean McDermott thinks wife Tori Spelling is the bee's knees -- even if everybody else thinks she's insane for dragging her cheating husband through reality TV hell in their sell-out show, "True Tori."  

In an interview with People, Dean said, "This baby is a testament to how much we love each other." "And it's a testament to Tori for staying with me," he gushed.

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Dean McDermott Quotes

"I'm miserable and I'm unhappy." - Dean, getting right down to business, and not just because a lizard crawled onto him (which did happen obviously)

"What's keeping you in this marriage?" - True Tori producer to Tori, who cried and said that when there are children involved, you look at it differently (on reality television if at all possible)