Cynthia Rodriguez: F-Rod!

Cynthia Rodriguez (formerly Cynthia Scurtis) is the wife of Alex Rodriguez, the New York Yankees star third baseman and likely cheater. A cheater at marriage, that is not baseball. As far as we know he plays by the rules and doesn't use steroids for his prolific home run power.

Anyway, Cynthia Rodriguez and Alex Rodriguez have two young daughters. She stood by him in 2007 when he was supposedly getting busy with Joslyn Noel Morse, a stripper. Not even an attractive one, not by any means, but nonetheless, she was a stripper.

Here in 2008, she just gave birth to their second child, but supposedly as of July, Cynthia Rodriguez has left A-Rod for Lenny Kravitz! Seriously, that would come as a shocker even to our site, which has seen it all in this biz.

Cynthia Rodriguez Quotes

Not one word of those stories is true. I did not spend one dollar shopping in Paris. I did not go to super-fancy expensive restaurants. I did not go to any spa. I didn't do one thing.

Cynthia Rodriguez

My parents, aunts, uncles are devastated.

Cynthia Rodriguez [on divorce]