Chris Crocker YouTube Pic

Chris Crocker is a big Britney Spears fan. We were also pretty sure Chris Crocker was a dude from the start, but it could have stood for Christina, and we weren't positive by any means. After all, given some of his (and we use that term loosely) behavior, Crocker could really play for either team if you think about it.

In any case, Chris Crocker became an Internet celebrity in late 2007. Why, you ask? This person made a hilarious, enormously popular YouTube video chastising celebrity gossip websites and publications for lambasting Britney Spears' debacle at the VMAs in September 2007.


In light of Britney's meltdown at home in January 2008, however, Chris Crocker is changing his tune, now saying that leaving Brit alone is the last thing we should do, lest she go even more insane. Whatever man.