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Chace Crawford is the star of The CW's Gossip Girl, along with Leighton Meester and Blake Lively and others. Reportedly Chace Crawford was dating Carrie Underwood as of October 2004, but they ended up breaking up over text message. Sad. He was then linked to JC Chasez, but they are just BFFs, not lovers.

Either way, he's a cutie, that Chace Crawford.

Recently, Chace has been linked to Drew Barrymore. He can do a lot better in our opinion, but a long as he's happy, then so are we. But look for the breakup any day now.

His sister, Candice Crawford, is a Miss USA contestant in 2008. She and Chace Crawford have some good genes for sure. We are looking forward to following this young star's career in the weeks, months and years to come.

Chace Crawford Quotes

Hey, if there’s a gay rumor, you know you’ve made it.

Chace Crawford

The ideal, I think, when you're starting out, is something low-key, like playing the [Nintendo] Wii, ordering in pizza and then grabbing a beer.

Chace Crawford [on a perfect date]